Duncan wishes to thank all the people concerned with the well-being of Muzi Yeni and the filly Fiorella after their untimely parting of company in the WSB 1900 at Greyville on Saturday.
Duncan said he was overwhelmed by the interest and support shown by the public.
Current national log leader Muzi Yeni, the rider of Fiorella, was battered and bruised after the fall but escaped any serious injury and he expects to be back in the saddle on Wednesday.
Fiorella is also doing well after her ordeal.
Duncan says there was no concrete explanation as to what happened but felt that the bump Fiorella took when carried out by Orpheus at the Drill Hall may have contributed.
I think that she may have hurt her shoulder in the collision, said Duncan.
The official stipes report:
a) ORPHEUS (M Rensburg) was pulling hard shortly after the start, difficult to restrain and was forced to switch out, off the heels of runners, passing the 1600m. As a result, FIORELLA (M Yeni) and FRESNAYE (S Khumalo) were carried outwards. Thereafter ORPHEUS (M Rensburg) raced wide around the field and to the front approaching the 1100m and compounded in the closing stages.
b) The Board having heard from Jockey M Rensburg and having reviewed the patrol videos of the start, was satisfied that all horses were runners.
c) Approaching the 900m FIORELLA (M Yeni) appeared to falter and as a result became unbalanced and dislodged Jockey M Yeni.

a) FIORELLA : Lame right fore.

a) Jockey M Yeni was examined after being dislodged:- tender neck, left hand and left knee injury. Referred to hospital for X-Rays.