“BOMBER ” Nel came out to Ashburton to do a presentation on his incredible range of Bomber Bits, on Thursday .

There was a good turnout and the presentation was very well received. We all learned a lot and many a problem horse will now benefit from Bomber Bits.

Bomber Bits are hand made in SA and are exported World Wide. Bomber production will soon be up to 250 bits per day, to meet Overseas demand.

We are grateful to Bomber for making the time for us.

And sometimes, we look at people who are real Champions and wonder what makes them so special….Anton Marcus drove up to Ashburton to attend the presentation, after having read about it in Sporting Post. That in itself answers a few questions.

Well done to the Ashburton Trainers for arranging the event and for the great braai afterwards…..and the ice cold beers.

In the pic. Duncan, ‘Bomber’, Gary Rich and Louise Goosen.

In the background Shane ‘Spookie’ Humby and Duncan’s assistant, Gary Rich.